January 2019 saw in the inaugural edition of Regen Europe which is dedicated to capturing energy and by-products from the biomass and waste resource streams.

The calorific content of numerous resources such as residual agricultural wastes, msw, srf, waste rubber granules, dry sludge amongst others can be converted into energy via a range of technologies including anaerobic digestion, torrefaction, pyrolysis, thermolysis, pyrogasification, plasma torch processes etc. The resulting energy forms include heat, chp as well as biomethane through the methanation of syngas.

A broad programme for the two days including a rich international conference programme with simultaneous translation, international business meetings, study tours, the innovation competition etc.. and three parallel complementary events for wood energy and biogas make ReGen Europe the unmissable meeting point for 2020 !

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FEEDSTOCK : multiple waste resources such as agricultural residues, srf, dry sludge, plastics, tyres, municipal and industrial non-renewable waste can generate via different conversion processes, a wide range of green energy forms.

PROCESS : Different processes including anaerobic digestion, torrefaction, pyrogasification, pyrolysis, thermolysis, plasma torch, methanation … apply increasing temperatures in order to extract the energy content in the desired form.

OUTPUTS : a large range of outputs are possible from the different conversion processes in direct energy or as a solid, liquid or gaseous fuel,eg : biochar, biogas, syngas, metal powders, biomethane (methanation of syngas), jet fuel.

ENERGY RECOVERY : the energy recovery opportunities include heat  (or steam), chp as well as biomethane that can be injected directly into the gas network or utilised for transport (a fuel termed biongv - bio natural gas for vehicles),  aircraft.

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ReGen Europe is the third string to the bow of value creation from waste and solid biomass streams, dovetailing neatly with Bois Energie and Biogaz Europe to provide unparalleled coverage of the solid biomass to energy and broader green value creator sectors.
ReGen Europe  benefits therefore from the presence of many actors from the wood energy, methanisation and waste managements sectors already engaged on a daily basis with creating value from the full range of waste and solid biomass streams.

50 international companies covering the following industrial activities are expected to exhibit at ReGen Europe 2020:

Thermal treatment for energy uses
Thermal treatment for non-energy uses      
Landill gas
Substrate processing, transport and feed systems
Gas transport and treatment
Biomass logistics
Separation of fluids and solid matter
Separation of harmful gases
Flue-gas cleaning
Biological exhaust gas purification

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Who visits? »

ReGen Europe anticipates to attract 2000 visitors from the waste and biomass to energy production and distribution sector encompassing :
- agriculture and agro-alimentary professionals
- local authorities and project developers
- manufacturers or suppliers of plant components (biogas plants, biomethane upgrading and direct injection, energy service providers, gasification, combined heat
  and power from small to large scale, heat distribution networks, consultancies, wood fuels (wood chips) supply, manufacture, handling and storage, etc)

- consultants
- planners / manufacturers of biogas plants
- tertiary services



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